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Wacaco NanoPresso

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The best portable espresso maker on the market! 

When you think of portable coffee makers you think of the AeroPress or the Hario V60 as they are small and compact. However, if you are looking to make high quality barista style espresso on the go then the Wacaco NanoPresso is the product for you. Portable coffee makers typically make excellent drip style coffee but this little gadget pulls espresso shots better than your everyday machine! 

Boasting up to 18 Bar pressure (Yes that's right 18 Bar!) the NanoPresso replicates the high pressure of an espresso machine by pumping the handle. Some standard bulky espresso machines can't even create the stable high pressure that this does. 

When pulling espresso shots the vary conditions that come into play can often reduce the quality of your espresso. However, the innovative design allows for all of these factors to stay consistent even creating a perfect crema every time. 

  • The Best Portable Espresso Maker
  • 80ml Water Capacity
  • 8g Basket Capacity
  • 15.6cm in Length
  • Detachable Cup
  • Heatsink Material to Prevent burning

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