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What is BrewTool?

Run by coffee lovers for coffee lovers, houses the coolest, latest, bestest kit for making and enjoying coffee all in one place. 

ROK, Aeropress, Hario, Oomph, Pezzetti, Kinto, and Timemore—whatever your coffee-making ritual, we have the gear to make it awesome.

Each BrewTool is carefully selected, tried and tested. We examine everything from the aesthetic to the technical when selecting the kit we offer.

We’re all about breaking new coffee-making ground, and we’re keen to build a community who are just as passionate as we are about every aspect of the bean to mug process!

Meet the beans behind BrewTool.

Giles & Ross Hardy are a father-son duo who both share an obsession for achieving the perfect brew. After buying enough coffee machinery to turn the family kitchen into a industrial-strength café, they realised there may be equally like-minded individuals in desperate need of Barista-therapy and launched BrewTool.

Personal Service

We try hard to provide the best possible service to you... a personal service that isn't usually expected from an online company. We'll try our very best to respond quickly to your questions and problems (yes they happen) and we do it with a "can-do" attitude.

We handhold you through the “acquisition” process with amusing product write-ups, blogs and videos and even helpfully suggest a range of plausible excuses to justify your purchase to your partner, friends or family. You'll always be talking to one of us, Giles or Ross (see our ugly mugs above). We take full responsibility for getting it right and we're genuinely interested to hear your feedback, good or bad. That's our promise to you.

Speaking of feedback, here's some of what our customers had to say:

“BrewTool went above and beyond - I contacted them a few days before Christmas to find out if I could potentially change the unit I'd bought after Christmas, as my wife had suddenly announced a new colour scheme in the kitchen - they couriered a replacement in the right colour within 24 hours without batting an eyelid”
– Kevin R

“Incredible customer service… The machine in itself is 100% perfect. Made the best coffee I have ever tasted in my life.”
– Bergþór M

“Am glad I stumbled upon these guys online. They have competitive prices and an amazing service, really kind – kept me informed with the shipping and answered right away.”
– Angelo M

Got a question? Get in touch.

You will get an answer 😉