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Bellman Atomic CX-66 |


Bellman Atomic Cappuccino Stovetop Coffee Machine

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The iconic Atomic Cappuccino Maker is a classic stovetop steamer originally designed by Italian designer Giordano Robbiati with history tracking back to late 1940's Milan.

In stovetop coffee making circles the Atomic name is well known for great retro looks and coffee making versatility. The rebirthed Atomic Coffee Machine allows you to make shots or longer Americanos and the frothing wand gives you the kit to create any number of coffee related drinks from Flat Whites and Cappuccinos to Macchiatos and Lattes.

In more recent years the Atomic Cappuccino Stovetop Coffee Machine has been manufactured by Bellman alongside their Stovetop Steamer range which we've found hugely popular amongst BrewTool customers. Manufactured by Bellman to the highest standards the Atomic Coffee Machine is hand assembled, polished and tested before sale and comes boxed with parts and instructions.

Please Note: the Atomic isn't designed to work on induction hobs.

What's in the box?

The Atomic Coffee Maker comes with detailed instructions come in Retro style design and typography, two filter baskets (small and large), porta filter, and coffee jug.

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