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ROK EspressoGC | New Glass Composite design
The ROK Espresso Maker
The ROK Espresso Maker


The ROK Espresso Maker

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The ROK Espresso range. Coffee-Making Perfection wrapped in Crisp Design Chic. The ROK Espresso Coffee Maker brings cool design and coffee making joy to any kitchen and truly lives up to its award-winning classic design heritage. 

The ROK EspressoGC is the next iteration of the design award-winning original Presso hand espresso maker. Its sleek design, finished in polished aluminium, catches the eye in any kitchen and often ends up the focus of the conversation. It's now available with a BPA-free glass composite pressure chamber producing twice the performance for hand-pulling the perfect shot. The EspressoGC is available in polished aluminium and the Original ROK espresso is available in Black, Copper and Berry as well as polished aluminium (chrome).

The kicker is that the new EspressoGC uses the Original ROK espresso body design, so the classic ROK espressos can now be retrofitted with the New Glass Composite plunger. 

At BrewTool HQ it’s our favourite manual espresso coffee maker and it gets used pretty much every day, the ritual only completed by grinding freshly roasted beans with the ROK Grinder—a perfect combination. Right off the bat, you’ll get great tasting coffee and with some fine tuning to your technique, you’ll nail the perfect cup of ROK coffee in no time.

Watch our video of the guys from The Roastery Department giving some ROK espresso tips:


The original ROK Espresso was only fairly  recently upgraded with extra strengthening in the plunger arms and with the use of a new high-grade alloy, it's now backed by ROK's 10-year guarantee.

For Coffee-Passionistas, the hands-on brewing experience the ROK espresso maker gives is truly gratifying. We are constantly trying new roasts to see what wonderful flavours the ROK  espresso coffee maker manages to extract and we’re certain that like us, you’ll never tire of it. 

Inside you’ll get the ROK Espresso Coffee Maker and a bunch of ROK espresso tools: portafilter, tamper & spoon, double spout splitter, 2 replacement seals, usage instructions, and a 10-year guarantee on metal parts. (If you fancy upgrading the tamper for something more weighted, we have one that fits perfectly.)

If you’re environmentally conscious, the ROK espresso also plays its part. The brewing process uses muscle power and no plastic pods are required. This has the added benefit of also not tying you down to expensive pods and no electricity costs. Obviously, you’ll still need to get the boiling water from somewhere 😬

A great espresso is always the best starting point for the perfect Cappuccino or Latte and with the ROK Espresso, you’re in complete control. It’s a gift or purchase you’ll not regret.

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What's in the box?
ROK Espresso Maker, portafilter, tamper, stream splitter

33.5cm x 26cm x 35.5cm

2.35kg (EspressoGC)

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