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Pezetti Aluminium Moka Pot 3 Cup Side View
Pezetti Aluminium Moka Pot 3 cup and 6 Cup
Pezetti Aluminium Moka Pot 6 Cup Side View


Pezzetti Italexpress Moka Pot

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Pezzetti Coffee Maker - looks great on the stove and makes a fab cup of coffee.

Make coffee the traditional Italian way with a Pezzetti Italexpress Moka Pot. The simple design and low price make this a great gateway gadget for graduates from the cafetière.

Inside the Moka pot you'll find three chambers: the bottom, which holds your pre-boiled water; the middle, where your finely ground coffee sits; and the top, where the coffee will emerge. Once you have your Moka pot ready to go, place it on a stove over medium heat and stand nearby in anticipation. 

When the coffee starts to emerge from the top, lower the heat and watch it collect in the chamber. As it starts to spit and boil, take the Moka pot off the heat completely and run the base under cold water. If all went well, you'll have a deliciously rich cup of coffee.

These sleek black Moka pots will look at home in any kitchen. They're also great to take with you when out camping to use on a portable gas stove.

Available in 3-cup or 6-cup sizes (serving 1 or 2 people respectively).

What's in the box?
A 3-cup or 6-cup Moka pot, made from aluminium.

3-cup: 15cm tall. 6-cup: 20cm tall.

3-cup: 360g. 6-cup: 540g.

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