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Kinto Coffee Measuring Spoon with Beans
Kinto Coffee Measuring Spoon Spilling Beans
Kinto Coffee Measuring Spoon with Beans from Above
Kinto Coffee Measuring Spoon with Beans and Japanese Mug


Kinto Coffee Measuring Spoon

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We love Kinto's "Slow Coffee" philosophy. When you use their products, it calls to mind the Japanese tea ceremony from their country of origin, where the grace and poise of the process creates a meditative experience, elevating the quality of the resultant brew.

The Kinto Coffee Measuring Spoon is hand-crafted from natural teak wood, meaning each spoon is unique and special to you. You'll enjoy the organic noises with each 10-gram scoop as the beans touch the wood, and delicately slide into your chosen grinder. It's difficult not to be poetic.

(Ross' beautiful Kanji mug [pictured] is sadly not included.)

What's in the box? 
Awesome handmade Kinto Coffee Measuring Spoon (not that we're biased 😉 )

Box Dimensions
26cm x 16cm x 13cm



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