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Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle
Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle
Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle


Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle

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An elegant Stovetop Kettle coming from one of the leading brands in the coffee industry. Featuring an inbuilt thermometer for easy temperature management.

We all know getting the perfect temperature for your coffee pour is difficult but the inbuilt thermometer allows to perfect your pour over technique whilst also boasting a sleek design. 

The stainless steel frame enables you to use this on all cooking appliances including induction, gas and other electric stoves. 

- 1 Litre Total Capacity
- Built in Thermometer
- Suitable for all Stovetop Cookers
- Ergonomically crafted spout and handle for the perfect pour

Not sold yet? This product was used by the 2016 U.S. and Dutch Brewers Cup Champions so allows you to gain the winning edge even in your home barista setup. 

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