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AeroPress GO Coffee and Espresso Maker Portable Travel
Compacted AeroPress GO Coffee and Espresso Maker Portable Travel


AeroPress Go

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The AeroPress has long been one of our favourite coffee makers for its simple design and consistent results. It was only a matter of time before they came up with the AeroPress Go—a more compact, portable solution for mobile coffee lovers.  

When packed away, the AeroPress Go takes up no more room than a takeout cup. Plus, each Go comes with a coffee scoop and stirrer, so you'll always have everything you need. 

About the Aeropress

The innovative Aeropress has been flying off the shelves for over a decade, very much like the inventor Alan Adler’s other record-breaking invention, the Aerobie flying ring. Alan, an engineering lecturer based at Stamford University, combined his engineering prowess with his passion for coffee and the hugely popular, versatile and inexpensive AeroPress was born. 

AeroPress Coffee brewing results are right up there with some of the most expensive kit you can buy. It’s remarkably simple and quick to make an astonishingly awesome cup of coffee—so much so that there’s been a World AeroPress Championship running for years now where coffee enthusiasts battle it out with their AeroPress recipes to scoop the big prize.

It takes no more than a minute to make tasty, smooth and rich AeroPress Coffee. It’s easy to use, clean and transport, making it handy to take travelling. The Aero Coffee Press is designed to maximize flavour by allowing for a finer grind to be used. Pairs well with the Rhinoware Coffee Grinder, which comes with a special Aeropress adaptor to allow you to reach the pinnacle of “AeroPress possibility” by using the most freshly ground beans—a key to achieving coffee greatness!

What's in the box?
AeroPress Go Coffee Maker, 350 Filters, Scoop, Stirrer, Mug with Lid, and Filter Holder.

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