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Aeropress Coffee Funnel
Aeropress Coffee Funnel


Aeropress Coffee Funnel

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Psst. So you know they make Aeropress Coffee Funnels for… well, the Aeropress, right? Yeah they work great, but did you realise they also fit the ROK portafilter perfectly?

One of our pet peeves when we first started using the ROK was that it was a little bit difficult to load the portafilter without a little bit of spillage occurring. No big deal, but after a while, those little grinds can get everywhere, and our kitchen was in a state. Enter the Aeropress funnel. Once we realised it fit the portafilter perfectly, harmony was finally achieved—not just in the perfect marriage between two mismatched brands, but also in the Hardy household, as the coffee grind conundrum had been a point of much contention.

But wait, says the telemarketer, there’s more! Simply invert the funnel when you’re done with it, and you can rest the ROK portafilter on top to provide a stable surface for tamping.

The tips are free; the Aeropress Coffee Funnel costs £6.

(Here’s another tip for free, buy a ROK Espresso Maker and an Aeropress Funnel, and if you use the code BUNDLE10 you’ll actually save money over buying a ROK by itself. It’s a no-brainer.)

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