Timemore Syphon TSP-3
Timemore Syphon TSP-3
Timemore Syphon TSP-3
Timemore Syphon TSP-3

Timemore Syphon TSP-3

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If you're kitting out your kitchen as a coffee laboratory, the Timemore Syphon TSP-3 is the obvious choice, providing stunning eye-candy at a price you can actually afford.

For immersive brewing experiences, there's nothing better than the Timemore Syphon. As you heat the water in the bottom chamber with the alcohol burner, the water is drawn up into the top chamber where your coffee is being held. Once all the water is transferred, you take the provided bamboo wood stirrer, immerse all the grounds in the water, and remove the burner.

The change in heat creates a vacuum in the bottom that draws the brewed coffee back down into the flask. Then simply remove the top chamber, using the inverted lid to create a stand, and pour your coffee from the flask.

As a theatrical gadget, there's nothing more appropriate to wow your guests and demonstrate your commitment to the brew. 

We'd recommend using a lighter roast with the Timemore Syphon brewer as it specialises in creating a clean tasting coffee.

What's in the box? 
Heat-resistant flask with stand, upper chamber with lid, cloth filter, coffee ground scoop, bamboo wood stirrer, alcohol burner and wick

Box dimensions
33cm x 15cm x 33cm 


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