Timemore G1 Chestnut Transparent Grinder
Timemore G1 Chestnut Transparent Grinder with box

Timemore Grinder

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If you're after a high-quality portable grinder, you have just found your match in the Timemore G1 Grinder, winner of a Red Dot Product Design award in 2017.

The Timemore Chestnut Grinder falls into the same cost-quality bracket as other popular grinders such as the ROK grinder, Lido 3, Lido ET, Knock Feld2, Knock Aergrind, Commandante, Kinu, and Helor 101. Read below for the Timemore grinder review…

Timemore are the new kids on the block in the world of coffee equipment and we admire them for jumping into a competitive market. Judging by the build quality and aesthetics of this grinder, it's a more than welcome addition.

The grinder can easily handle grind sizes across the range from espresso to French press. The basket holds around 30 grams of coffee, which is likely all you'll need for most brewing methods. The bottom portion stays attached through four sprung ball-bearings and slots home with a gratifying click when detached and reattached.

The Timemore Grinder is available in two styles—a black grinder with a chestnut bottom, and a gun-metal grinder with a transparent bottom.

The handle is easily removable for portability and the box also includes a sturdy cloth drawstring bag to keep it all together.

Red Dot Award 2017 Winner
“Expressing high quality standards, this coffee grinder presents an aesthetic and characteristic overall appearance.”
Red Dot Awards 2017 – Product Design

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