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The ROK & Bellman Bundle from BrewTool.co.uk
ROK Coffee Grinder
ROK Espresso Maker
Bellman CX-25S Milk Steamer

The ROK & Bellman Bundle

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Special Offer: Buy the ROK & Bellman Bundle today and get a FREE sample of our speciality coffee. That's your first coffee, on us.

Make coffee the way we do at home with the ROK & Bellman Bundle, containing the ROK Coffee Grinder, ROK Espresso Maker, and Bellman Stovetop Steamer. 

The ROK Espresso Maker brings cool design and coffee making joy to any kitchen and truly lives up to the “classic” in its name. The ROK Coffee Grinder is at the pinnacle of the hand coffee grinder world, combining a consistent yet infinitely variable grind and beautiful aesthetics. When paired together, their complementary design and polished aluminium finishes catch the eye in any kitchen and often end up the focus of conversation.

At BrewTool HQ, it’s our favourite combination of coffee brewing tools and they get used every day, the ritual only completed by grinding freshly roasted Department of Coffee and Social Affairs coffee beans and right off the bat, you’ll get great tasting coffee and with some fine tuning to your technique, you’ll nail the perfect cup of ROK coffee in no time.

For Coffee-Passionistas, the hands-on brewing experience the ROK Coffee Grinder and ROK Espresso maker gives is truly gratifying. We are constantly trying new roasts to see what wonderful flavours this ROK combination manages to extract and we’re certain that like us, you’ll never tire of it. 

Watch a video of the inventor Patrick discussing the ROK Coffee Bundle:

A great espresso is always the best starting point for the perfect Cappuccino or Latte and with the ROK & Bellman bundle, you’re in complete control. We love a good flat white (well Ross does, Giles is lactose-free 😬) and it's tough to get that kind of silky microfoam milk from manual whisks and battery-powered frothers.

Enter the Bellman CX-25S (also known as the Bellman Stovetop Steamer). Since we've had our hands on the Bellman, Ross has been perfecting his technique, discovering a whole new joy in testing his mettle at latte art, all from the comfort of the BrewTool kitchen.

We've achieved the best results by filling the Bellman steamer halfway with water, heating it until steam starts venting from the pressure-relief valve (this takes approx 12 minutes), and slowly turning the flow on once the arm is submerged below the milk. Soon you'll have a vortex going, and all the bubbles will combine. Heat the milk until the bottom is too hot to touch, and you're ready to pour. (Make sure to wipe the steam wand with a damp cloth to remove any milk residue.)

With the Bellman in our kitchen, the manual morning espresso routine has finally achieved completion.

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