Sandows Nitro Cold Brew Coffee 200ml
Sandows Nitro Cold Brew Coffee 200ml

Sandows Nitro Cold Brew Coffee 200ml

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Sandows Cold brew is coffee infused with cold water overnight. The process requires no heating, it's simply fresh coffee and filtered water, brewed slowly to extract minimal acidity. This means Sandows Cold Brew has a much smoother flavour (we like smooth) without the bitterness you sometimes get with black coffee. Couple it with the nitrogen infusion and you're in silky coffee heaven.

Sandows specialise in cold press coffee and they partner with Origin Coffee Roasters who source their coffee directly from farms, in turn providing genuine support for growing partners and providing full traceability. Direct trade means investing in relationships and taking risks together to produce excellent, consistent results. This means paying higher prices (at least 50% over and above Fairtrade prices, without exception) and visiting these growing partners on a regular basis. Us here at BrewTool HQ love their approach and think it deserves some serious props.

Here's Origin Coffee's roastery in action roasting and tasting - video used with kind permission of Origin Coffee.


Sandows say, "Since 2014 we've been making and bottling cold brew coffee. Otherwise known as 'the King of cold brew coffees' (cheers Stylist), Sandows specialise in making the best tasting cold brew out there."

BrewTool Choice Pick for cold brew coffee UK. Nice one Sandows.

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