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ROK Coffee Grinder

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The ROK Coffee Grinder is at the pinnacle of the hand coffee grinder world, combining a consistent yet infinitely variable grind and beautiful aesthetics. While it makes a perfect kitchen-top partner to the ROK Espresso Maker with its complementary design, the ROK Grinder is also an excellent standalone coffee grinder for any coffee geek out there who wants to control every aspect of their coffee making ritual. Whether you like espresso, pour-over, French-press, Turkish or any other method of coffee-making the ROK Coffee Grinder will be all you need to prepare your coffee beans. 

In our view the ROK Coffee Grinder is the best non-electric coffee grinder available. Here’s our six reasons why.

1. Variability of Grind. The ROK Grinder settings are easy to use and can be varied in two ways—either you can use 12 click settings on the adjustment wheel, or you can switch to the ROK Grinder’s infinitely variable adjustment and experiment with ultra-fine grind settings.

2. Consistency of Grind. The ROK Coffee Grinder has been designed with a double-bearing drive shaft to prevent “wobble” (great word) during the grinding process. This maintains stability at the burr end of the shaft, providing consistent granularity and resulting in a great grind. 

3. Effortless action. The ROK Grinder is designed for smooth, effortless action. Each turn of the grinder’s handle is a pleasure due to the self-lubricating bevel gears, long handle and stable base. You’ll only need half the turns of a standard hand grinder! 

4. Cool operation. Importantly the cool steel conical burrs prevent build-up of heat in the grinder thus not degrading the coffee’s flavours – unlike some electric grinders.

5. Quiet to use. The ROK Coffee grinder runs quiet, so there’ll be no complaining from the family when you’re trying to prepare the perfect coffee at sunrise. The ROK Grinder runs at 75 Decibels, 20Db quieter than most electric grinders preventing any conversation interruptions or disturbed lie-ins! 

6. Stunning good looks. The polished aluminium design of the coffee grinder exudes quality in spades matching the design chic of the ROK Espresso Maker, making a super Coffee Making Bundle that would enhance any kitchen worktop. 

ROK Coffee Grinder Manual

    Whats in the box?
    ROK Coffee Grinder comes complete with steel burrs, handle, hopper, gears, base and Cup and Instruction booklet. Don't forget it's FREE postage too!

    30.40 cm x 17.70 cm x 22.50cm


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