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The Kinto Bundle
The Kinto Bundle
The Kinto Bundle
The Kinto Bundle
The Kinto Bundle

The Kinto Bundle

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We love Kinto's "Slow Coffee" philosophy. When you use their products, it calls to mind the Japanese tea ceremony from their country of origin, where the grace and poise of the process creates a meditative experience, elevating the quality of the resultant brew.

The Kinto Pour Over Kettle is exquisite in design and function. If you're a hipster and the pour over coffee brewing process is your thing, then this Goose Neck kettle from Kinto is a must have. The Kinto kettle provides excellent control of the pour over where even extraction is crucial to the process providing wonderful flavours and aromas.

See the experts at Kinto demonstrate the pour over method

The Kinto Ceramic Brewer may be simple in form and concept, but you'll wonder about how it just looks so at-home on your mug, or on the side in your kitchen. There's a special tactile finish to all of their products, and these two together make an exquisite pairing.

Lastly, pair the ceramic dripper with the Kinto Stainless Filter and you'll be perfectly equipped for your morning coffee ritual. It's the best unhurried way to make pour over coffee.

What's in the box?
Kinto Pour Over Kettle, Kinto Ceramic Brewer, Kinto Stainless Coffee Filter (Ross' beautiful Kanji mug [pictured] is sadly not included.)

Kinto Pour Over Kettle 20cm x 15cm x 16cm. Kinto Ceramic Brewer 8cm x 11cm x 11cm. Kinto Stainless Coffee Filter 14cm x 10cm x 13cm.

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