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Man Wearing Handmade Leather Pocketed Barista Apron
Man Wearing Handmade Navy Leather Pocketed Barista Apron


Barista Apron

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If you're anything like us, you can't make a coffee without an element of kitchen chaos. Our stylish handmade barista aprons help on two accounts. 

Firstly, each apron has beautifully crafted leather pockets, perfect for storing portafilters, tampers, brushes, and the like, so you'll never set something down and forget where you left it. Secondly, you'll be safe from getting coffee grounds on your work shirt.

Each apron is handmade and unique, down to the placement and shape of the pockets and the colouring of the denim and leather. We've pictured two here so you get an idea of the kind of variation you can expect. All feature dark denim and a lining on the reverse face.

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