Shipping Update | 2022

BrewTool launches the City Flat White Index©

BrewTool City Flat White Index Infographic. Average flat white £2.79. Costs £655 per year. Most expensive Department of Coffee & Social Affairs £3.15. Least expensive pod £2.25.

BrewTool, our one-stop shop for Coffee Passionistas, has launched the City Flat White Index© tracking the price of the Flat White in the heart of the City of London.

Our research reveals some interesting facts, for instance, we discovered the average price of a flat White is £2.79. So, if bought daily and allowing for holidays, commuters spend on average £655 a year on coffee alone—not an insignificant amount. 

Theres also a big disparity in price and flavour. The cheapest Flat White is £2.25 from Pod, and the most expensive is £3.15 from the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs.

We sent our taste expert in to sample the quality of the coffee. Pod scored 3 Beans on our "5 bean taste value scale" and The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs hit the jackpot with 5 Beans. So in this case, to an extent you get what you pay for with the price differential easily accounted for by the focus of the shops concerned.

The quality of coffee you get from The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs and the three other boutique coffee shops around the area means they have the taste advantage, focusing on using single-origin coffee beans and lovingly Barista brewed. Whereas Pod and others in the same genre (Pret, EAT. etc.) all focus on delicious food with coffee as an extra. It's interesting to note that all these shops have a big charitable focus, giving back to the communities around them or in the countries where their coffee or food is sourced.

Another factor influencing price is location. For example, the average price inside Liverpool St Station is £2.85 versus non-speciality shops outside at £2.46, primarily reflecting higher rates. This can create a big price disparity even within a brand, for instance, a Starbucks Flat White costs £3.10 inside Liverpool St station versus only £2.65 from another Starbucks branch in Brushfield Street just 30 seconds walk outside the station, saving you £105 a year!

We'll be publishing the City Flat White Index© at the beginning of each month to monitor how prices change and we'll be tasting what you get for your money. We've got some "Specials" we plan to look at like Coffee Shop Christmas Brews (Yum)....send us pictures of your favourite, but maybe you've got some coffee topics that you'd like us to investigate? Feel free to get in touch and ask us your questions, send us an email via

BrewTools City Flat White Index© tracks the price of the Flat White across coffee shops in the Spitalfields & Liverpool Street locale. There are 25 coffee shops in the area, including four boutique coffee shops with the majority of the major Coffee brands being represented. Data is collected on a Monthly basis by recording the advertised price for a standard Flat White.