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Latest on how COVID-19 is affecting BrewTool

Hello passionistas! A lot's been said on COVID-19 and it's on everyones' minds, so let's skip the preamble, you're here to find out if you can still get your coffee fix!

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Here are the latest updates on our service, and as always, check your tracking codes!

30 Mar 2020 09:56 GMT: As of this morning, our service is running smoothly. Remember to check for the latest information on UPS's service on their Service Alerts page.

23 Mar 2020 14:42 GMT: All orders have been collected. Service seems to be more reliable than last week. We'll keep you updated.

20 Mar 2020 13:51 GMT: All outstanding orders have been collected!

20 Mar 2020 10:37 GMT: Due to a technical error with UPS's parcel collection booking service, some orders have experienced delays. We've finally managed to book these parcels to be collected today. We're sorry to any customers that have been affected. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via contact@brewtool.co.uk

17 Mar 2020 16:02 GMT: Business continues as normal. UPS notes some minor delays and cessations of service in highly-affected areas. On the ground, for us that has meant a couple of missed parcel collections, adding an extra day or two on delivery. We'll always send out a tracking number so you can know where your parcel is at any time. For the latest information on UPS's service, read their Service Alerts page.

Please check back before you order to ensure you aren't disappointed.