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Burundi, Icocoge – A Review

We gave our friend Ian Bentley a bag of our Burundi, Icocoge coffee to try. He recently got back to us with some thoughts…

Let's just start by putting it out there: the Burundi is a great coffee.

A beautifully deep roast that gives great strong flavour without neglecting subtle fruit tones and flavours. It is an excellent all-rounder without being a jack-of-all-trades. 

As soon as the beans are ground the aromas hit you. To me it's reminiscent of Penguins—stay with me on this. I'm not referring to the flightless aquatic birds, which quite frankly do not smell good (think week-old fish).

No! Of course, I'm referring to the chocolate biscuit of childhood wonder. (To the Aussies and Kiwis, I'm talking about the British attempt at Tim-Tams which I will happily admit are superior... in exchange for a pack of said treats.) The smell is a delightful blend of biscuit and milk chocolate: smooth, rich, and deeply satisfying with a great full mouth-feel. 

I've ground this coffee both to cafetière coarse through to espresso fine and used it with an Oomph, an espresso machine, and a Moka pot and each and every time the flavour delivered has come through excellently. The flavours continue the milk chocolate and biscuit theme and are strong enough to hold their own in a latte, but subtle enough to provide a satisfying espresso, where the sweet fruit tones really start to come through, without too much acidity.

In short, it's a great scent and taste, a brilliant all-rounder, and can be enjoyed every day, yet it's special enough that you can appreciate the skill of the guys at The Roastery Department. If you want great tasting coffee, or coffee reminiscent of Penguins, look no further.

4.9 out of 5
(0.1 deducted for not having a joke on the back of the pack.)