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2021 Shipping Update

As a UK-based company, we will be under new rules in 2021. Consequently,  our shipping prices will be changing as of January 1st. Read more here.

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Taking care of your Bellman

The Bellman range has been a really popular product in our line-up for over a year now! We thought it would be useful to give you some additional tips that we've gathered from our experiences using the Bellman in our own kitchen, and from talking to you, the customers. Safety Valve The steamers have a safety valve built into the handle. You should see this gently venting through the holes when the pressure has built up to 4 bar. It’s important that you don’t overfill the water chamber above the handle as this would prevent the safety valve from operating correctly. You can check this visually when you fill the chamber up with water. Rubber Seals Regularly check all the...

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